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Limited Jewelry Store
   Welcome      Shipping and Returns
At the time, offers of Free Shipping and shipping charges posted only refer to shipping to the Continental, United States.  If you are a resident of the U.S. outside of the Continental U.S., please contact us and we will strive to find the best shipping method for your needs. 
Unless otherwise requested, all items are shipped via the USPS Priority Mail which is both "Tracked and Insured."  From Greenville, SC to most areas of the United States is usually two business days but this is not guaranteed by Limited Jewelry Store. If a package is not received, delivered to a wrong address, or lost, we request that you contact us immediately. Delay in contact can minimize our possibility of assisting with recovery.
Requests for shipping via any transport other than the USPS needs to be confirmed with Limited Jewelry Store prior to placing order.  
Returns are gladly accepted under our warranty plan at no charge to you. Contact us and an envelope will be mailed to you for return shipping. Returns for any reasons other than a warranty issue must be arranged per agreement with Limited Jewelry Store.  
For any questions, please call us at (864)210-5570 or email us